From Nike and Adidas through to Versace and Prada, brands surround us everyday. But what do they really mean to us? 

Google the word ‘brand’ and you better settle in for the night filtering through the results. Brand and Branding go hand-in-hand. One is the art of sharing the other with the world.


A brand is simply the audience’s perception of what they are being presented with.

Sure the brand knows itself, has a defined visual identity, purpose and tone of voice but at the end of the day it is only as relevant as the audience perceives it to be.


Take a luxury label such as Prada for example. It’s identity is highly polished, sophisticated, luxurious, indulgent even. When I see a billboard advertising Prada, I can appreciate the way it is being represented but it doesn’t necessarily resonate with me because I don’t care for or connect with luxury labels.

So it is fair to say my brand perception of Prada is indifferent. 


On the flip side, avid consumers of the Prada brand welcome the type of advertising the brand projects and most likely see it as aspirational, enticing, and desirable. So Prada knows their audience and connects with them accordingly.


So a brand is really about knowing thyself. When a brand has a strong sense of self and understands its audience and what they want, then it knows how to project itself through consistency and brand awareness.

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

By Andrew Georgiou, Copy & Co.