Ever wondered why tone of voice in writing is so important?

Let us walk you through exactly what tone of voice means in our
Copy&Co Copywriting 101 article series.

My painful aunty Maureen has an unbelievably irritating voice couple with a sassy tone that makes her sound like a human car alarm with bad taste in shoes.

That right there is what we call her Tone of Voice.


But tone isn’t limited to annoying relatives alone.
Tone of Voice is found in every brand we engage with across all industries.


The way a brand sounds in all forms of written and verbal communication is the tone that audiences hear. That tone can influence the way audiences engage with that brand – either positively or negatively or even MEH-ly.


Take Virgin Airlines for example. Even though they are in the business of assuring the safe delivery of their customers on their aircraft, Virgin uses  a fun, energetic, cheeky and even whimsical tone across their marketing campaigns and written communication.


Virgin were one of the first airlines to use such a tone in an industry that always sounded so safe, caring and almost nurturing to some degree. It paid off and the entire Virgin brand are now known and loved for their unique tone.


What does your brand’s Tone of Voice sound like. Have you stopped to give much thought?


Take a moment to check out Copy & Co’s article that looks at the importance of a 

‘Consistent Tone Of Voice’ and you may be surprised to see how consistency can make or break a brand's written comms.

By Andrew Georgiou, Copy & Co.