5 top tips when hiring a freelance copywriter.

Many of us write each day in our jobs. From emails to reports and back again. But a copywriter is a different breed of writer all togther.

Copywriters are your friend. Well, a good one is at least.

Enter a search in Google for one and you will find yourself awash with pages of results within miliseconds.

At Copy & Co, we believe we are the perfect fit for any and all of your copywriting needs. However, as to not sound bias, we are happy to point out 5 'must dos' when looking for the best copywriter to hire.

1. Look at their experience and how many years they have been writing for. More than 3 years is a good start.

2. View their portfolio of work. Have they worked with big and small brands alike and what has the impact of their work had in the marketplace?

3. Find out their rates. Is it per word, per hour or is it project based? Be sure to discuss this upfront before engaging them formally.

4. Meet with them in person or via a video chat. It is important to get a good sense of who you will be working with. What is their character like? Do they take feedback on well? Be sure to ask as many questions as possible during your meeting.

5. Ask for an obligation free sample of their work that relates to your field. Go one better and see if they can provide you with a few lines of your About Page for your website for free so you can get a sense of their style. Most copywriters will be happy to do this.


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By Andrew Georgiou, Copy & Co.