There have been some fantastic copywriting opportunities in Hobart, but bringing the story of a bushranger-cum-convict to market has been a true highlight..

Hobart is a town brimming with history, much of which you’ll be quickly schooled on after a brief  chat with locals who are proud to share it at will. 


Last year I was invited to collaborate with illustrious Tasmanian artist Luke Wagner on the creative packaging of a new wine being introduced to the market by local wine distributor Joseph Burton Wines.


My task was to name the brand, create a name for the varietal and pen the label copy in a storytelling style. I choose to base the copy in the form of pros as it seemed fitting to the subject matter. 


Naturally, I went straight to the goldmine that is Tasmania’s history for inspiration which led me to the adventure filled story of pardoned British born convict, Martin Cash.


There’s too much to tell you about this colourful and wildly dangerous character’s life in this post, so I won’t attempt to as it’s a lengthy tale.


In short, I was quite taken with Martin Cash’s migration story to Tasmania, where he boarded a vessel with almost no money, the shirt on his back and his trusted steed. He went on to marry a local woman and build a life with her, only to let it be ripped apart when he slayed her lover as well as a policeman – smack bang in the middle of Hobart town in the one afternoon.


While Cash’s convict story – including his escape from a Penal Colony in Port Arthur – is gripping to say the least, I chose to set my poem on his exciting initial journey to Van Dieman’s land.

The wine brand is Cash & Co, named after Martin Cash’s bushranger gang, while the varietal itself is named after the ship that delivered Cash to our shores – The Francis Freeling.


With my poem complete, Luke Wagner used its words as inspiration for the painting that graces each bottle of Francis Freeling today. 

cash back.png

By Andrew Georgiou, Copy & Co.