From brand videos and explainer videos through to online content and interviews, we're the professional scriptwriters who tell stories from the ground up.

As expert scriptwriters for explainer videos and brand videos, we can help bring your message to market from concept all the way through to a script that's ready to shoot.

Ready, set, script.


It's no secret that the best scripts begin with a strong creative concept.

Copy & Co are experts in scriptwriting for online videos including brand videos, explainer videos and the type of training videios that audiences actually enjoy watching.

Brands come to us because they know that actions speak louder than words and the best way to bring their brand to market or spruik their message is through a well devised video script that leads to a sensational piece of marketable content.

Whether you have an idea you need us to script or would like to come to us with an idea for us to conceptualise, storyboard and finally creat the script for, then we are the scriptwriting team you've been looking for.

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