Often people ask; what is tone of voice? Well, in copywriting tone of voice underlines the way a brand sounds.

So you’ve established your brand’s tone of voice. Hooray and congrats!

Now for the tricky part – keeping that tone consistent.

Well, we say tricky because you can let it slip if you’re not careful, however keeping it consistent is just a matter of awareness.


Once your brand’s written communications, advertising and messaging copy is alive and well projected online and in print, your audience will come to know that this unique tone is 100% you.

The way you write and the manner in which you present ideas, services and offers is all underlined by your brand’s recognisable tone of voice – which audiences now associate as an integral part of your brand personality.


Wavering from that unique tone can cause confusion in the audience’s mind. Suddenly the weekly newsletter they are used to receiving and enjoying sounds totally different to how you usually sound, and your audience is wondering why.

Perhaps a team member was tasked with writing the newsletter in someone's absence?

Or maybe a new member of the marketing team wasn’t fully briefed on the brand tone guidelines before they posted on the company Instagram account? Whatever the reason, it ‘ain't good!


You’ve worked hard to create the perfect tone for your brand, so be the gatekeeper of it and ensure that it remains consistent come hell or high water.

Hip-Hop Artist

By Andrew Georgiou, Copy & Co.